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  Pro-Ball Paintball Centurion is the second addition to our family of paintball ranges and is set to be one of our premier paintball venues. Situated just off of the Brakfontein off-ramp close to Midstream and Heritage Hill estates on a beautiful piece of untouched farmland, it makes for one of the best settings any city could provide
Venue view

Pro-Ball Paintball Centurion is an amazing venue, and to live up to its amazing surroundings we have gone out of our way to provide our clients with one of the best venues we possibly could. With features such as a 216 square meter under roof seating area, comfortable spacious seating for over 160 people, first class ablution facilities, state of the art paintball equipment, 6 meter high safety netting for your protection and much more.

At Pro-Ball Paintball Centurion, we have for the first time also included Archery as an activity and we have not spared any expense to build a one of a kind Archery range in Centurion. Featuring a 130 meter Archery range with space for more than 12 people to practice simultaneously. On the archery side there are still many upgrades and extras to come so watch this space.

pro-Ball Paintball Players
Pro-Ball Paintball Centurion is set to be one of our flagship venues and carry’s on the proud Pro-Ball tradition of quality and value for money in a paintballing experience. Our extension into Archery is also set to create some new traditions. Something that we hope will prove successful and one day will become standard at all the Pro-Ball Paintball venues.

Drone Pro-Ball Paintball Venue

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