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Pro-Ball Paintball Venue

Pro-Ball Paintball Pretoria East Lapa
At Pro-Ball each group gets their own seating under our Lapa that has its floor covered with 4-6mm stones to help keep it cool as well as helps to give the area a cleaner feel. The Lapa is right in the middle of all the action and gives the players a nice little "sanctuary" where they can escape to or just sit and relax or enjoy a cool drink after a hard game of paintball.
Here at Pro-Ball we understand that no matter how dirty you get nor how hard you play you do need a clean sanitised ablution area. So we did a major revamp on our ablution facility and pride ourselves in it thus making sure that it is always well maintained and looked after. We also know the importance of keeping this area well sanitised thus the toilets gets inspected in regular intervals to insure that you will always get a clean and pleasant environment.
Pro-Ball Paintball Ablutions
Pro-Ball Paintball Fields
By far Pro-Ball's best attributes must be our fields where you play. Pro-Ball currently boasts 5 fields, aptly named Village, President, Speedball and Forest. With each of the fields bringing its own unique angle to this versatile sport of paintball. All our fields are surrounded by 6 meter netting to ensure the safety of the players as well as spectators at all times.
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