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Paintball Range in Pretoria

Pro-Ball Paintball Games Pretoria East is our first ever branch and is where it all began. It's a unique paintball venue situated in Pretoria in the Zwavelpoort area. What makes this venue so unique is firstly its placement. Pro-ball is a break away from the city’s rush and gives you an opportunity to relax in nature and to enjoy a fun day with your family, friends, colleagues or team mates playing paintball! ¬†Even though the venue escapes the rush of the city it is still just around the corner and stops you from having to drive too far to relax.

Pro-Ball is also one of the safest venues around! We’ve ensured the safety of both the players and the spectators by surrounding all our playing area’s with (what we believe should be an industry standard) 6 meter high netting, this will prevent even the worst aimed shot from entering the safety areas. We also have well trained staff escorting each and every group to the 5 different rounds of play, ensuring that they have a good time SAFELY!

Here at Pro-Ball our mission is to ensure that you have the best time possible while enjoying this wonderful sport of paintball! We also value the safety and satisfaction of our clients and our staff is not afraid to walk the extra mile for our customers, here at Pro-Ball we still understand the concept that the customer is king! But with a strong regard for safety ever present!

Pro-Ball Paintball Pretoria East has been doing paintball since 1997 and you can be assured that we know what our clients want and that we do our best to ensure that you and your friends/family have the best possible experience you can.

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